How long does it take to refinish my bathtub , shower, or vanity?

  • Most jobs are completed in 4-6 hours. Extensive repair work will take longer.

How durable is the finish?

  • If an experienced tech applies quality materials you won't have any problems. Your new tub will not peel or discolor.
  • We have researched every product avaliable in the industry and have chosen what we believe to be the best product on the market. 
  • My name is Shawn I am a single father and this business is more important to me and my child, I offer the best products and service that I can.

Will my house smell?

  • We use an exhaust system to minimize odor. Any residual odor is usually gone later that day.

​How much mess will there be?

  • None When we leave you will not know that work had been done...except that your bathroom will look great!!!

How long can before I can use my tub?

  • 4-24 hours depending on the material that we use.

Can you apply a slip-resistant surface?

  • Yes a slip resistant surface is easy to add at an affordable cost.

Can the walls be refinished as well?

  • Absolutely. Tile walls can be refinished along with the tub creating a completely  new looking space. 

How long does it take to resurface counters?

  • ​Unlike replacement, refinishing takes just a few hours.

What surface types can be refinished?

  • Most any surface can be refinished including laminate (Formica), solid surface, cultured marble, and tile. You can even choose our Flint-stone products on bathroom vanities or wall tile to give your kitchen or bath a contemporary new look.